Sometimes It Takes Time

Dated: 08/30/2019

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Sometimes it Takes Time!

Top 3 Things to Remember When Buying Your Dream Home

1. You Will Likely Have to Compromise Some...But How Much?

Many of our clients are coming in from out of town for work or serving in our military. These clients tend to be pressed for time; they need to move quickly to find their home! This includes long days showing many homes, and zeroing in quickly. If you are one of the lucky ones who are fortunate enough to have time on your side–take advantage of that! You will almost always have to compromise some things, however, if it feels like you are compromising too much–you likely are! 

2. Constantly Revise Your Search if Necessary

Finding a home is like an adventure, and with the right folks behind you, it can be fun! It is good to start off with a plan, however, avoid feeling like it is a failure if you do not stick to it. If the homes that meet your current/initial criteria are not “doing it for you,” ask us for our advice, and we will help you brainstorm some alternatives. You never know when the right home is just a few tweaks in the search criteria away.

3. Picky is NOT a Bad Word

When picking your next home, your long term happiness is the most important thing to consider. Do you want or need something completely turn-key?  It’s okay if you do, but if you are up for a little work─let us know! It is important to identify the easy fixes. Sometimes the diamonds in the rough are hiding under the coat of old wallpaper! We can run the numbers and see what makes sense.

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